Variable Smoke Pump Output Based On Throttle Input

Courtesy of RCG user teookie original post

Just switched my smoke programing on the 8FG from two p-mixes to the VPP function. Much easier IMHO. Since there are 3 VPP curves, I just set one to all zero's for pump off, one to track linearly with the throttle stick from 0% - 20% pump speed, and one to 100% pump speed on a the momentary switch for pump priming. Only thing I don't like about this set up is now I have a "VPP" indicator on my home screen. But, it's much easier for me to understand this way, and I can more easily tweak the settings now.

Additional info from rod-d:

I had a chance to help a friend configure this today, so here are some more details. We will be using 2 VPP curves:

#1 - Turns the pump off
#2 - Turns the pump on, with variable output based on throttle position

  1. Go to Model Menu->Pitch Curve. This should open curve #1 by default if you haven't configured it before.
  2. Scroll down into the curve settings and make all of the numbers in the left column -100. This effectively turns the pump off.
  3. Scroll up to the #1 and click RTN, then change it to curve #2.
  4. Scroll over to the "—" and click RTN, then select a switch to activate curve #2. In this example we will use SA.
  5. In the ON/OFF configuration, you can leave the defaults of position 1 Off, position 2 Off, position 3 ON. Or you can change that however you want.
  6. Now go back into the curve and move switch SA to the ON position. This will change the curve to #2.
  7. Adjust the lefthand columns to make the output of your pump the desired amount based on throttle position.
  8. Now go back into the Link Menu and select Function. Assign the VPP to your desired channel.
  9. You may find it necessary to reverse the VPP channel, which is on the Link->Reverse menu.

You can also add the 3rd curve as teookie mentions above, or you can prime the pump while it is on the ground. I don't have experience with these so I am not sure if you would ever need it at 100% while in the air to prime it

Hope this helps!

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