Update Change Log

Updates to original 8FG code are noted below, if they are known.

- original T8FG code.

- Changes unknown.

v2.0 (7/15/2010) change doc download
- Improvements to glider camber settings
— Camber function is now changed for each flight condition
- Improvements to glider butterfly settings
— A curve is now set at butterfly->elevator mixing
- Added ability to set throttle curve for electric motors on airplane and glider models
- Added ability to turn on/off mixing warning at poweron for all models
- Added ability to set timer stop switch for all models
- Added ability to select model from SD card
- Changed key lock to remain locked when powered off/on
- Added governor rate RPM display mode for helicopters
- Changed idle down rate to -100 -> +100 for airplanes
- Added throttle limiter function for helicopters
- Added ability to inhibit throttle trim in conditions other than "normal" for helicopters
- Added 5-point curves for rudder->aileron and rudder->elevator mixing for airplanes
- Added condition logic switch setting for helicopters and gliders
- Added alternate function to DG1/DG2 switch for all models
- Added warning on poweron for throttle position more than 1/3 for airplanes and helicopters
- Added neutral position setting for dual rate curves for all models
- Added flap, flap3, butterfly, and camber dual rates for airplanes and gliders.

v2.1 (7/29/2010) download
- Unknown changes (assume bug fixes to 2.0)

v3.0 (2/24/2011) change doc download
- Stock code for T8FG Super
- Added ability to set subtrim for the swash for helicopters
- Expanded channels to 12 +2
- Added VPP function for airplanes
- Added motor and butterfly control to each flight condition for gliders
- Added center calibration for J1-J4 (sticks)
- Added user customizable menu
- Added GYRO2 and GYRO3 for helicopters
- Added ability to turn off all alarms

v4.0 (9/01/2011) change doc download
- Added quick model selection at poweron
- Added ability to set the timer alarm on/off
- Added ability to adjust low battery voltage alarm (implies support for a123/life and 2s lipo)
- Added restrictions to servo test function to engage throttle cut or hold while in test mode
- Added model name to range test screen
- Added ability to turn off motor position alarm
- Added initialization of endpoint of governor channel to be user selectable for helicopters

v4.1 (9/12/2011) download
- Bug fixes to governor settings on helicopters

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