Sd Card Compatibility Matrix

According to the manual: "The T8FG is capable of using SD cards with a memory size between 32MB and 2GB." Some users have had trouble with various cards, so I started tracking them below. SDHC cards appear to be incompatible so far. Generally speaking, a 2GB class 2 SD card should work. Some known-good cards have links to vendors below.

Cards that are known to work (sorted by size and then brand):

Manufacturer SD or SDHC Size Class or Speed
HP SD 64MB Unknown
Palm SD 16MB Unknown
SanDisk SD 32MB Unknown
SanDisk SD 256MB Unknown
SanDisk SD 512MB Unknown
SanDisk SD 1GB class 2
Dane-Elec SD 2GB Unknown
OfficeDepot SD 2GB 60x
Patriot SD 2GB 40x
Lexar microSD with adapter 2GB Unknown
SanDisk SD 2GB class 2

Cards that are known Not to work:

Manufacturer SD or SDHC Size Class or Speed
Kingston SD 512MB Unknown
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