Futaba T8FG user wiki

Welcome to the Futaba T8FG user wiki!

We will use this wiki to document and share configuration information related to the T8FG. I think we all agree that the manual is rather lacking… So let's help each other out! Why not document some how-to's to show how great the T8FG can be in capable hands. While you are at it, upload some model configs to share!

General Setup
Advanced Setup
Upload Model Config Files

Other related information

SD card compatibility matrix

File System Utility (fss) to import/export files

Updates and related info:
Update change log
Special note regarding extracting the update files
8FG upgrade to Super (v.3) and Instructions
8FG 4.1 upgrade (4.1) and Instructions and Information
8FG 5.0 upgrade and Information

Manual and related info:
8FGS Manual
Excellent supplementary notes to the manual, courtesy RCG user MalcomHolt

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